Sunday, June 12, 2011


"Mistakes are moment made,
        with guilt never willing to fade.

They lurk our mind as if a nightmare,
         unable to look it in the eyes with its deathly stare.

Pain's past, poisons the heart,
          always effecting each new start.

Right in the present overturning each old wrong,
           slowly replaying this old song.

Relinquish the regret and commence a new start,
            with a true chance to share your heart."

Saturday, June 11, 2011


"Lies within the eyes who roam,
        us became me, and lost became home.

Cold conquered as the curtains close,
        deserted like the love of a single rose.

Four became two, and two became one,
        my world vanished like a setting sun.

The split paths tore my heart,
         each household member stealing their own part."

Friday, June 10, 2011


"Everyday I stumble upon this wall,
      damaged and strong yet not ready to fall.

Destined to uncover the mystery lurking behind,
      seeming so hopeless no entry or weakness to be found.

Withdrawing turned obsolete when they heart couldn't stray,
      with this wall so tall emotions started to pay.

Brick by brick it's starting to unfold,
      give it time and the wall won't gold.

She should not fear life without a wall,
      for what she does not know is she's my reason for it all."